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Tenormin atenolol is used to treat angina chest pain and hypertension high blood pressure .

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Information about Tenormin.

Store at room temperature away from moistureheatand lightKeep the bottle tightly closed when not in use.

If atenolol is used for chest painit must also be taken regularlyIt should not be used to treat symptoms such as chest pain when they occur.

AAtenololTenorminis a prescription medicine that has been licensed to treat several conditions related to the heart and blood vesselsIt’s part of a class of drugs called beta blockersThere are a number of possible side effects with atenololGradual weight gainhoweverdoes not appear to be one of themThis data comes from clinical trials that extensively studied atenolol and documented its side effectsHowevergradual weight gain has been reportedrarelywith other beta blockersRapid weight gainon the other handis a reported side effect with all beta blockersincluding atenololOne very important point to keep in mind related to weight gain with atenolol is that all beta blockers may worsen congestive heart failureor in some cases may cause itIf a person is experiencing congestive heart failurethey can often have rapid weight gain over a couple of daysThis weight gain is often combined with other symptomssuch as a cough and/or swelling in the anklesfeetor legsMake sure to contact your health care provider if you notice unexplained weight gain or swelling while taking atenololLori PoulinPharmD.

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